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Sweet Christine's favorites - Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Another new series here... Recipes from my business Sweet Christine's Specialty Cakes & Desserts.   I'm currently operating under the Michigan Cottage Foods Laws, and cannot sell this item until I get a liquor license, which I am in the process of doing, but they are so good that I just have to share this recipe with you. I had originally planned to bake these for St. Patrick's Day, but had so much going on at the time that I wasn't able to do it. So I made them a few weeks later for my birthday and, my oh my.... they weren't kidding when they called these the BOMB! If you love dark chocolate, this is the cake for you... if you like Bailey's Irish Creme, you won't be disappointed either. This recipe came from Pinterest and I have noted my changes... Here is the link to the original recipe on Brown Eyed Baker.

The premise behind this cupcake is the drink with the same name in which you put 3/4 pint of Guinness in a glass, put 1/2 shot of Baileys Irish Creme in the bottom of a shot glass and 1/2 shot of Jamesons Irish Whiskey in the top of the shot glass. You then drop the shot glass into the Guinness and drink it... the faster the better to keep the beer from curdling. I think the cupcakes sound much more appetizing.

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The Cupcakes....
In a heavy saucepan, over medium heat, combine the Guinness and butter and bring to a simmer.

Add the cocoa powder and whisk until the mixture is smooth. Cool slightly.

A note on cocoa powder.  The original recipe calls for dutch process cocoa... impossible to find in my neck of the woods, the best I could do was Hershey's Special Dark which is a combination of Dutch Process and Natural Cocoa. I also could not find bittersweet chocolate... I guess that comes from living in the sticks 'cause I know it is out there, but I used dark chocolate chips and I liked the results so much that I've rewritten the recipe using the above mentioned ingredients.

Next, whisk the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt in a large bowl to combine. Using an electric mixer, beat the eggs and sour cream on medium speed until combined.

Add the Guinness-chocolate mixture to the egg mixture and beat just to combine.

Reduce the speed to low, add the flour mixture and beat briefly. Using a rubber spatula, fold the batter until completely combined.

 Divide the batter among the cupcake liners. I used a "Texas Muffin" sized pan.

Filling the Texas Muffin cups takes two large (3Tbs) Scoops.
Bake until a toothpick or cake tester inserted into the center comes out clean, about 17 minutes for regular size, I think I baked the large ones for 20 minutes, but I didn't write it down, so be sure to test at 17 minutes. Cool the cupcakes on a rack.

Dark Chocolate Jamesons Ganache Filling:
Put the chocolate chips in a heat proof bowl. Heat the cream until simmering and pour it over the chocolate.

Let it sit for one minute and then, using a rubber spatula, stir it from the center outward until smooth. Add the butter and whiskey and stir until combined.

Let the ganache cool until thick but still soft enough to be piped. (Next time, I will let it thicken just a tad more than this, which was about pudding consistency)

Next, we will fill the cupcakes.  I bought this handy little cupcake corer, but you could also use a large decorator tip or a 1" round cookie cutter.

If you don't have a cake decorating tools, you can pick up the above cupcake decorating set at Walmart or any other craft type store.  It comes with a few basic tips and even some disposable decorator bags.  I bought it for the bismark (used to fill jelly donuts etc) tip.

Cut the centers out of the cupcakes (be sure to save the centers... I'll show you why at the end... but really, who throws away cake?)

Fit your decorator (piping) bag with a large round tip. I used the size 12 tip that came in the cupcake kit. Fill your decorator bag, about 1/2 full with ganache. If you are new to filling piping bags, be sure to fold the top over, it gives you a place to hold, and keeps the outside from getting messy. Shake the bag so the filling falls to the bottom, unfold the top, and twist above the filling/icing. You will hold the bag where the twist is, placing it between your thumb and first finger.

fold the top of your piping bag over, and place your hand under the fold to fill.

shake the filling to the bottom of the bag and unfold the top.
twist above the filling and place the bag between your thumb and first finger. 
Next, fill the cupcakes to the top of the cake.

Fill the center with ganache; all the way to the top.

Now we will make the Baileys buttercream... and it is oh so good!
Using the whisk attachment of a stand mixer, whip the butter on medium high for 5 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl occasionally.  Reduce the speed to medium low and gradually (I used a 2Tbs scoop) add the powdered sugar until it is all incorporated.

Add the Baileys, increase the speed to medium high and whip for another 2-3 minutes,  until the frosting is light and fluffy.

Using your favorite decorating tip, or an offset spatula, frost the cupcakes and decorate with sprinkles if desired. Store in a covered container.

I was able to locate these two bottles of sprinkles at Walmart that I felt were appropriate for St. Patricks day.  I think the gold looked better, but was a little gritty when eating the cake.

The finished product... Yum!

Now, what to do with those yummy cake scraps... Toss a few in a small pudding bowl, add some ganache, add some more cake etc. Fill in around the cake with ganache, then top it with some icing... and enjoy. You worked hard, you deserve a treat without breaking into your masterpieces...

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Please don't wait until St. Patrick's day to try them out. Please be sure to comment and let me know what you think and/or if you try it!

Love and God's peace to you,

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