Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be Uplifting - A Box of Sunshine

This new series is simply titled Be Uplifting. Some definitions of uplift are: to spiritually lift somebody: to help somebody attain a higher intellectual, moral, or spiritual level, or improve the living conditions of somebody. To raise spirits of somebody: to make somebody feel happier.  
I'm sure you've seen or heard about "Random Acts of Kindness." This is along those lines, but not necessarily "Random".  These ideas will work well for Secret Sisters or just to send a little pick me up to someone who you know is down, or just because they are on your mind. 

This project is entitled A Box of Sunshine, I'm hoping to lift the spirits of a couple of my friends, they may not necessarily down, but they often lift me up and I thought this was a nice way to return the gift. 

The idea for this little goody came from Pinterest you can see the original blog at (she has some cute printables that I forgot all about when putting my own boxes together) . This project is so versatile,  It's simply a box full of yellow goodies... I made it my own of course by including not only a handmade card (I must admit, that I had a friend make them for me as I just didn't have the time and I knew she had the stamp set) as well as a package of sunny blank cards so they could "pay it forward".  I have recently rediscovered how much a hand written note can mean in this day of texting and email.

I had so many people I wanted to send this too, but the first item I picked up was so awesome, and there were only two, so that set the number of boxes this time around. I do plan to continue to pick up yellow goodies as I find them, so I can do this again soon.  Of course the price range on this will vary.  I tried to keep it under $1 per item, but I did splurge on a few items that were just too awesome to pass up.

Here is a rundown of the yellow goodies included in this box of sunshine:
Yellow Pinwheel                $0.99
Yellow Nail Polish              $0.99
Mani/Pedi Kit                     $1.00
Bubbles in Yellow Bottle    $0.59
Juicy Fruit Gum                  $0.39
Lemon Drops                     $0.50
Lemon Meringue Sucker    $0.99
Daileys Frozen Lemonade $1.99
Countrytime on the Go      $1.50 (5 pouches)
Rose Tote                          $3.99
Bath Pouf                           $1.00
Scrubby Soap                    $5.00
Blank Cards                       $1.10
Total Cost of goodies       $20.53  
I did not include the cost of the hand stamped card or shipping in this cost.

The two items I splurged on need some special attention here... The very first thing I found was this rose tote. When cinched up it is a flower, when you open it up, you have a tote bag, for shopping or carrying whatever you may need.

My Aunt Pam makes these awesome Shea Butter Scrubby Soaps (in just about any scent you could want).  I received one for Christmas and it worked so well, not only on my dry feet, but to remove the contact cement that I often get on my fingers when helping hubby in the shop.  Hubby even had her send one to him in a more "manly" scent. So when I ordered these sunflower scented ones for the sunshine box, I also ordered another for myself (Lavender Chamomile is my favorite) as mine was almost gone, and I don't want to be without one! She's working on revamping her website, but you can check out  her awesome products at Soy D-Lights & Scentsations.  Just give her a call to order.

This card turned out so cute that I wanted to show it off a bit... Thanks Darla! In case you can't read it clearly it says, "Those who bring Sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

All packed up and ready to go!  I know these are really going to brighten the day for their recipients...

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Love and God's peace to you,

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